What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

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Re: What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

charleyd wrote:

None of the reasons listed. They simply aren't necessary. We already have the best of all worlds available to us. This is just another revenue source for the camera manufacturers. I know this is the way economics works. But, where does it stop? Until there is invented a totally new way of capturing an image, the current technology and devices are more than capable. What we have works brilliantly. What does mirrorless contribute to our picture taking? In my mind, nothing. It is the same technology repackaged. Will it help make my/your photos better? Hardly. I am all for technological advancement, it is what has gotten us to these glorious times.

For those of us who travel, smaller is important. A few weeks ago I was backpacking at 15k feet and the last thing I would have wanted would have been a bulky kit. In fact, one wouldn't have fit into my pack unless essentials like food/clothes were left out.

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