Samsung King of Electronic. but Not Camera

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Re: Samsung King of Electronic. but Not Camera

dka91 wrote:

I think that's a bit unfair, Samsung have pretty good cameras and really good lenses.

But I do think they could do more to attract more people, and although Im convinced they are taking cameras seriously (and the NX300 was a big big step in the right direction), they do some things that leave me scratching my head (although I suppose each cam manufacturer does it to some extent).

Take the Samsung galaxy NX. In all honesty I think implementing android is brilliant on an nx, but they way they did it...just baffles me. Wouldn't it make sense and be alot more functional to just keep the nx300 form factor and controls, but add an android interface with apps mainly concentrated on photography with filters etc, and maybe make the touch screen the type to work with the android interface. And the apps as mentioned before should be focused on getting the best out of the camera, and perhaps there can be filters and other such stuff for the more general person who wants the camera as a snap n shoot, the attraction is there for both photographers and the general public....

Obviously its not as easy as that, but my point is, Samsung could do better, and be a bit smarter with their implementation, and I honestly think they could do really well.

I think the difference between the NEX and NX is not huge, but sony have offered optional evfs, the attractive looking nex 7 and of course good video implementation, which have helped it pull ahead, ironic as their lenses have been on the whole pretty bad until recently and expensive.

Samsung can do it though, I just feel they need a breakthrough!

In a sense this site compounds the unfairness, for example no detailed review with photo samples other than the NX200 -- no NX20 or NX300!!!!

Even I, a supporter, can be bit too hard on my noise criticism of the NX20.  Look at NX200 RAWs here and compare to the Sony NEX-7 RAWS -- while the Sony tests better in the lab, IMHO the NX200 takes better photos across the entire ISO range.  And is not far beyond the A99's image quality.

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