What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

Started Jun 26, 2013 | Polls thread
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Re: An emotion laden term...

plevyadophy wrote:

I think it's right that the OP add those options and allow folks to be honest as to what their feelings are.

The only problem I find with the Poll is that there isn't the facility to select more than one option if more than one thing bothers you.

There also isn't the facility to prevent mirrorless users from taking the poll and choosing silly answers to make DSLR users look foolish.

It's like if I made a poll about 'why do you like mirrorless so much?' and anyone could choose from answers including 'because they are cute'... 'because I'm so out of shape I can't lift more than six ounces'... 'because I can't figure out how to use a more complicated camera...'

As long as the poll is open to anyone to vote on, the results are not worth the pixels they're displayed on.

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