What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

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zackiedawg wrote:

The only thing preventing me from moving entirely to a mirrorless system is that I don't really want to. I simply enjoy DSLRs for mutiple reasons, and find they are still best for me for certain types of photography...the combination of large body, big grip, lots of controls, optical viewfinder, big buffer, huge battery life, fast PDAF with good tracking ability just make it a tool that works well for my needs and preferences.

At the same time, I already long ago bought into the mirrorless systems - and am on my second generation mirrorless interchangeable lens model - I find them to be a pleasure to use, with IQ a match for DSLR, size and weight a wonderful convenience and much easier to carry or hike with, and perfect to either ride alongside the DSLR or take its place when the size and weight savings are important.

I can't see myself leaving either the DSLR arena OR the mirrorless arena - I love them both, and find that since there is no single perfect camera, having two cameras with perfectly complimentary shortcomings results in having a perfect photography combination.

As a human, I'm an adaptable species, so I'm capable of enjoying and using both large and small bodies, larger and smaller lenses, mirrored cameras and mirrorless cameras, OVFs and EVFs...and I don't consider them directly comparable tools - both get the job done with certain advantages and disadvantages.

I am going to report you do Admin. You should be banned from these forums because .................................. your comments were just too reasonable!

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