What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

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Re: What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

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Sonyshine wrote:

I think the main reason people don't move to mirrorless is just ignorance.

Once you have really tried a decent system you will become hooked on them!

For decades, my preference in a viewing system has been a through-the-lens, optical viewfinder with at least close to 100% coverage. I haven't particularly liked the EVF's I've tried, and I don't want to put up with an 85% coverage optical finder, or one mounted to an accessory shoe with parallax error. My opinion is that the viewfinder is the single most important user interface on a camera, so if you don't have one you enjoy using, photography becomes less enjoyable. I can put up with LCD viewing to gain the compactness and other virtues of a shirt-pocketable, waterproof camera, but mirrorless models don't seem to offer anything of value to me sufficient to put up with not having an SLR viewing system.

I agree the viewfinder is very important indeed. That is why I don't like old fashion holes to peep through. Modern EVF's with all their pre chimping are just brilliant! They make it so much easier to get your shots right first time.

I leave it up to my camera's metering and autofocus systems to do their jobs properly without me babysitting each of them before every shot. I need a viewfinder that is in real-time and sees just as I see the scene directly. I don't want a viewfinder that freezes up during 'burst' shooting so that I can no longer see what is really in front of the lens, just a 'sample' shot from the start of the burst.

The viewfinder is too important to waste it trying to babysit the camera to make sure everything is perfect. If you're shooting fruit bowls or flowers then that might not matter so much and you can dawdle over each shot before you take it. Many of my 'photo ops' are not going to sit still while I puff my pipe and twiddle with the white balance. Others who wish to, more power to 'em.

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