Simultaneous acquisition of stills and video - what are the options?

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Re: Simultaneous acquisition of stills and video - what are the options?

Here's a cool article, originally published in the winter 2013 RESOURCE MAGAZINE on newsstands, which presents a rundown of the options answering the question,

"Simultaneous acquisition of stills and video - what are the options?"

The article is titled: How Will You Shoot Stills & Video @ The Same Time? Methods, Camera Mounts, and 9shooter Brackets for Shooting Stills & Video at the Same Time: Article originally published in the winter 2013 issue of Resource Magazine.

Just as the world’s greatest surfer, Kelly Slater, reinvented himself by mastering aerials, today’s visual artists must remain competitive by keeping themselves atop the latest technological waves. And today’s dawn patrol is reporting that the waves are ideal for gnarly acrobatics once thought impossible: shooting high-quality stills and video simultaneously.

Two-page Red EPIC advertisements in photography publications and major glossies recently read, “Shoot a feature and the poster for it at the same time,” while stills pulled from 4K and 5K Red video footage regularly grace the covers of high-end magazines. Award-winning New York Times photographer Doug Mills mounted one DSLR atop another, calling his novel apparatus the “Double-Shot.” USA Today sports photographer Robert Hanashiro mounts an HD GoPro camera on a lens hood to capture video while shooting stills, writing on his site, “Obviously the best way to shoot a video gig is dedicating yourself to shooting just video. But in the ‘real world’ of newspaper photographers we’re having to multitask more and more.” presents various strategies for capturing HD-sized stills on a page appropriately titled, “What to do When you Need Stills while Shooting HD Video.”

Press the shutter button while shooting video on a typical DSLR, and some will halt the video to record a full-resolution still (albeit at less-than-optimum rates), while others will record both video and a smallish 2-mp, HD-sized still at the same time. You’ve likely seen, thought about, or even tried other strategies for capturing simultaneous stills and video. For the past three years I have been “45surfing”—shooting simultaneous full-size RAW stills while surfing 1080 HD video with either a dedicated video camera bracketed to a Nikon D4 and 600mm F4 Prime lens in a tripod-mounted configuration for pro surfing events, or a handheld rig consisting of a camcorder bracketed to a Nikon D800E and 70-200mm VR2 lens when shooting swimsuit models. Here’s a rundown of the philosophy and various approaches.

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