I never sell camera equipment because...

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Re: I never sell camera equipment because...

I was a hoarder before but now I can't wait to dump & move on to the next great thing, though hopefully just before it's about to be replaced & it's heavily discounted! My recent transition from Sony Alpha gear (which I still love but it was too big to tote all the time) to MFT (E-PL5 & GX1) was prompted by my experiences with an E-PM1 that I bought last year. It helps that I've finally come to the conclusion that I won't be "discovered" as an incredible photographic artist any time soon so my first camera won't be worth much on eBay after I'm gone. Sorry kids! 

Worse still, my old cameras are looked down upon by my kids, who have far more "sophisticated" cameras in their phones. And by my wife, who prefers to toss a little camera in her purse, to have it bounce among the keys & the coins, sans case! Even the old & neglected stuff deserves a kinder end than that!

In the past month, I've sold most of my APS-C Sony gear, pretty much all current. I've also sold the E-PM1 that introduced me to the MFT universe & even some quite new MFT gear that I've just purchased over the past couple of months. I bought, for example, a GF3 kit with a 14-14mm PZ kit lens that was $150 less than I could get the lens for. I just sold the GF3 body for $115 yesterday (to a very happy buyer, I might add!) so my net PZ cost was under $200 & I still have the new warranty on the lens. I just couldn't see myself using a 3rd body, & it wasn't going into my wife's purse with a good lens, so it made no sense to keep it. I'm hoping to see my Oly 40-150mm lens go today, as I recently picked up the 14-150mm. There may be some modicum of difference but I can't see it so it goes. My goal is to have the set of gear that I want, that's right for what I do, but not be so cluttered that I can't decide what to stuff in the back for a weekend outing. I'm not really talking lean & mean here but I remember having to sort out a bunch of cables a few years back &, after an hour of sorting, I still hadn't found the one that I was actually looking for. No more!

While I feel I'm now going into a period of potential stability with my gear, there are still missing features on my current cameras that I'll look forward to finding on new cameras in the future. I wouldn't mind having a G5 or a G6 & an E-P5 right now, for example, for some of the extras they offer. And I'm sure I'll love the GX2 & the E-M5's replacement when they hit the streets. But I'm now committed to keeping the body count down & the shelf space sparse so I can easily choose a kit to take out with me on any given day. Whether that comes from sticking with the two bodies I currently rely on, or if it means that I'll be buying & selling when the next new models hit the showroom floor, doesn't really matter. One of the real joys of MFT is having two or more manufacturers with interchangeable lenses & accessories to choose from. Some of us get as much fun from the acquisition & disposal side of the hobby as we do from the photography side. And what's wrong with that!


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