I never sell camera equipment because...

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Re: I disagree a bit.

Corkcampbell wrote:

Cameras improve over the years, which is why many end up in a closet after being replaced my better models - maybe someone wants improved high ISO performance or a more portable system. Sure, the old ones still take good photos, but maybe not good enough any more.

Cars and TVs also improve, but probably not enough to get replaced, unless one wants to go from gas to electric for example.

Actually, the incremental safety improvements in car designs can easily warrant upgrades with each redesign of a particular model if you place a high value on the safety of your family as well as your own.  Most of us simply assume we'll never have a bad accident and don't worry about it.

I agree that if one wants better high ISO or more room to crop, that may result in a new camera.  But if you look around at some of photo sharing sites, some great photographs are still being taken by cameras considered very old tech by gear heads.  Those artists who are perfectly happy with cameras like the old Canon 20D seem to have different priorities than having a clean ISO 6400 or the maximum possible dynamic range.  I'm a bit of a gear head myself, I'm not an artist.  I have to admit, though, that the artists do just fine with old tech, and when I review my prints from years ago, I question the "value" of some of my gear upgrades.

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