What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

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Re: What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

Glen Barrington wrote:

I'm still using my Oly E30, but I'm selling my VStar motorcycle (Getting too old to comfortably throw a leg over) so I'm seriously thinking of getting a Fuji X series camera with an OVF since it meets most of my objections to mirrorless. But while we see lots of arguments here regarding the merits specific mirrorless cameras, up till now, we haven't really been able to quantify people's objections.

I tried to list the objections I recall reading about in the past. I didn't include or exclude any because I thought they were particularly cogent or stupid; I'm looking for people's honest beliefs regardless of what "I" think of those beliefs.

For me, it has primarily been the lack of a quality OVF/EVF, and too, most of them haven't exactly been speed demons (Though my shooting style doesn't require speed, I still want it, if possible and if I don't have to compromise on other stuff).

This is just for fun.

For me personally its not just the speed of the OVF but the greater dynamic range, I shoot a lot of landscapes with high DR and I like to be able to see what i'm composing in the shadows that I may want to lift in post.

I have considered buying a mirrorless system/large sensor compact for use on the street where my D800's size can be more of an issue, for landscape use though it would need some pretty serious trekking for me to leave it at home.

In that respect I think mirrorless would be more useful to me should I ever be in the position to move up to medium format. Size wise I think that's actually were you start to see a big advantage, why I'd say rangefinders made up a much larger percentage of the medium format market than they did the 35mm market.

I'd add as well that the nature of digital sensors seems to render a lot of the advantges for wide angle lenses on mirrorless moot, designs need to be retrofocal in order to avoid having the light coming in at too steep an angle.

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