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Re: Wedding Photography Checklist

One thing most never think about is at least ONE wide range back up LENS.  I learned this the hard way a few years ago when I figured a 24-70 and 70-200 for my lenses would get me through most of my weddings.  And for the most part, it did.  Until I was checking over my equipment during a break, grabbed the flash and had the camera slide off it onto a tile floor breaking the lens off at the mount.  I still had some cake cutting and little things left to do.  It was a very small room at a local steakhouse.  My 70-200 may have worked but I would have had to back up a bit.

The photo gods were with me that day.  Right across the street from the steakhouse was a Ritz camera store.  I still had time so I ran over, picked up a cheap 28-135 or so zoom for about $400 and got back with time to spare.  I didn't keep the lens because I didn't like the cheapness of that one but I do now keep a spare 28-135 as a back up lens.

I could get through a wedding with only a 24-70 if HAD TO so I figure a backup lens of about that zoom range is good enough.  You don't have to have spares for ALL of them.  Even a kit 50mm is better than nothing.

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