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Re: Voting etc.

Iain G Foulds wrote:

Rudy: Well, your thread has become a tremendous success. Thanks and congratulations!

With such an overwhelming response, I've just been wondering if the voting still makes sense. It is really about sharing, inspiring, and educating. If there is a story behind the photo, I appreciate a few lines. And, I definitely appreciate knowing the camera and lens.

Hi Iain:

Thanks for your comment and for your on-going participation in the thread.

To begin, I'd like to make one little adjustment to your statement if I may... I'd like to suggest that it isn't "my" thread but "our" thread. Before launching the thread 2 months ago, I was careful to first run the whole idea by Mako our forum Moderator, and he really liked it and said that I should put it out before the forum community, which I did. We (me, and Mako in the background) presented the idea to the group for their input and asked them to comment and to vote in favour if they wanted to give this idea a try. After a week of discussion it received substantial feedback and support so we proceeded.

I mention this genesis process because from the beginning I really wanted to see this idea emerge and evolve as a thread that belonged to the entire group. I think that has happened and I'm really excited about that. In that vein, I believe that one of the things that makes the thread work so well is that it is intentionally democratic - we all decided on it's genesis, we all own it, therefore we all decide on any changes that would affect the way the thread works.

I have received a number of thoughtful suggestions, such as yours, via private messages and posted here over the recent weeks and my answer is always the same, so I'll post it here to give anyone who may interested a sense of what I'm thinking. My recommendation is that we do not make any significant changes to the way the thread works for at least another month or two so that a solid consistency can be allowed to form. Then, once we've all really settled in to the format, we can have a kind of "review" process where we ask people to submit ideas and suggestions to help improve the thread. We will then present these to the group for their feedback and voting. Those ideas that resonate with the majority and get the support will then be implemented.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Rudy

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