PRO features I would like to see , after my shoot at the beach today

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PRO features I would like to see , after my shoot at the beach today

PRO features I would like to see , after my shoot at the beach today with the a99


1) Live View Display , Settings EFFECT ON/OFF “Toggle” ... custom Button feature .. for when you are stopping Down the Sky and using the Flash to light the near subject ... you need a quick toggle

2) The 50mm f1.4 ZA SSM does not do the DMF like the RX1 ... when you move the Focus Ring you cannot set it to ZOOM and show PEAKING. The zoom for AF on a button seems klunky to me.

3) AF/ON button and no way of assigning CAF focus “Start” on a button like the AEL , and then have the settings switch from SAF to CAF as long as you keep pressing AEL or AF/ON button , then the Shutter ONLY does Exposure lock on the half press (NO AF) and Shutter on Full press.This is VERY useful for SPORTS shooters ... but also Events shooting when a Kid after a group shot starts to Run and you want to track him for a shot. Also handy for a walk our or run out of a Church. CAF on a button. ALL Nikon shooters are used to this type of CAF action tracking (or at least heard of it).

4) Finder/LCD function should be able to be programmed to a button Closer to your thumb. So, you can shoot ONLY EVF and flip to LCD fast.

ALSO,  will help IF we ever get a TOUCH LCD Gorilla Glass screen that we can shoot thru the EVF and use a OFF LCD to TOUCH SCREEN the AF Point.

5) Review and Delete buttons should be close together

6) Once you are “in” Review ... Center push of the Joy Stick should be ZOOM. ...

7) when in shooting mode the center push is “great” centering the AF point as is. BUT, there should be a CROSS PDAF point on EACH of the 3rds Crossing points , and  you should be able to limit them so you can get to the major 3rds AF points quickly.

8) And this is a BIGGIE ... Nikon PRO cameras let you create a CUSTOM Menu ... where you can have ALL your favorite items that are in the MENU on ONE LIST ... it’s fast and easy. So, you end up looking at only one menu , YOUR custom list. In the order you want.

Hope this helps,   Do you have others ?

Well,  Radio Wireless would have REALLY helped today  ... instead I used Nikon CLS and RadioPoppers. for the flash stuff.


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