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Re: LdJovian - on F20AM...

Papasha wrote:

LdJovian wrote:


Why are there lunatics arguing over a change?

This just in - the shoe changed on the new Sony line of SLTs.

Here's what you can do - deal with it. Use an adapter, or don't use one. Buy new equipment, keep using old equipment. Sell your Sony and switch to Nikon. Or Canon. I don't care, I made my decision so quit crying like children.

NOW, that this thread had been completely ruined, I'm going to attempt to salvage WHY I stumbled upon this from Google. The original question - WHAT TO USE AS A99 WIRELESS FLASH TRIGGER.

I read about the HVL-F20AM with the adapter. No one could vouch for it, and found no other resources on the web. So I bought one. Guess what?

THE HVL-F20AM DOES NOT WORK AS A WIRELESS FLASH TRIGGER FOR THE A99. It "will" fire the flash, but that occurs during the F20's pre-flash, which you cannot turn off in the A99 body or on the flash. I even argued with a Sony "tech support" (just level 1) because he said (er... read aloud) that it is compatible. Then it wasn't compatible. Then it was compatible. And finally, after I explained MY test of the F20 - he concluded that it was not compatible as a wireless flash trigger.

HVL-F20AM mounted on the A99 (via Sony’s native adapter) works just fine with full TTL support and happily triggers both 58 and 60. Yes, there is a pre-flash, which you cannot disable on the F20AM, but use the FEL button to fire and lock exposure (with all your remote flashes) and your pre-flash is a thing of a past and triggering is pretty instant. Enjoy!

Seriously, quit complaining about the shoe. It drops flashes, it doesn't drop flashes, it breaks, it doesn't break ever, it eats small children, it doesn't eat small children. It's changed.

+1 works for me! (I believe Gary Friedman made a video about the delay using 20AM triggering 58AM on A99)
HVL F20AM+supplied adapter+A99 will wireless TTL trigger my HVL F60M or F58AM or F43AM with a bid of delay. c button in front by default is FEL (Flash exposure level toggle), one press to lock FEL and you have instant TTL trigger.  Change of scene or if you have review your shot? Just re-engage FEL lock or plan on a bid of delay. HVL F20M does not required adapter but physically almost the same height and everything.

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