What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

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Re: funny, I thought it was mirrorless users who were ignorant

Maybe it is you? Apart from the obvious (lenses themselves are not mirrorless) your main point is about sensor sizes. A large part of the mirrorless cameras use the same size (APS-C) sensor as mirrored DX. So for this, ypu only have the DX- v FX debate. And, yes, m43 is one stop smaller

tko wrote:

You see, mirrorless manufactures are laughing all the way to the bank. They've got people believing a mirrorless lens somehow has some magic that makes it equal to the same F-stop FF lens. Sure, it's half the diameter, half the size, but presto, due to marketing magic it works just as well!

Hey, I can sell you a F2.8 lens for the same money as a F2.8 FF lens, and it cost less. Only it's really just a F5.6 lens, which is equal to a dSLR kit lens that can be had for $150, and offers higher resolution.

Funny how these same mirrorless users refuse to believe a F2.8 cell phone will equal their cameras. I guess magic only works one way. So, who is the ignorant one?

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