My God, its so hard to decide!

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Ben O Connor
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Re: Making your decesion just a tad bit harder!

... while we got some serious ID battle here, sony start to attack from a new front.

rx100 mark II

I personally, liked the only built quality of its so called mark I version. Nothing else at all.

But this !!! Wifi, bigger sensor than XZ´s acceptable F nuber till 50mm. (f 2.9) and now even hot shue...

BUT!!! (Its a big masive & fatty butt!)

not at all macro capabilites of even my XZ-1... no underwater / swim suit for it. And however mag filters are an option nowadays, it still does not provides a macro adding, or tele adding.

And man ! think about to own the EVF, and them you should pay 1000 euros straight here !!!

at the same time, have a nex-5r (which was yesteryear´s thing!) with aps-c and posibility to add any macro tele whatever, and even now new zeiss line  (well maybe won´t afford for a brand new of these ones, but used one in 5 years! ) so there are options !

its darn hard, and not getting easier.


ps: I still choose this over Nikon 1 system. Its the same sensor size, newer sensor. Even has a fixed lens, but its a better one than interchangable ones in nikon so far. In the end its a F 1,8 28mm carlzeiss !!

sure not a zuiko

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