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lenshoarder wrote:

Here's a couple of reasons. 1) Just having that "mod" symbol next to their name changes everything There's a concept of acting under the color of authority. 2) I have seen threads where the mod makes the last point and then declares the thread closed. 3) As you've said, they are volunteers. If they don't want to do it, then don't do it. It's a priviledge, not a burden.

I agree completely.  We are on the same page.

My suggestion that mods only moderate forums they don't participate in solves these problems. They can participate in the forums they are passionate about. They can moderate in the forums they are inpartial about. What's the problem with that?

Perhaps it is just too logical for DPR to grasp.

DPR does not seem to understand what 'Conflict of Interest' means.

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