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Re: Einstein E640W Strobe

Lawrence Keeney wrote:

The quality of light in a photo will depend far more of the modifier used than the light itself. It would be hard to compare two different light manufactures lights by looking at a photo unless they were both taken with a bare bulb, and this is not how the lights are use about 99.9% of the time.

You are right, and the WB of AlienBees changing with power is a minor problem unless you are shooting products where the colors must be exactly right.

Here is a good example of how WB can be effected by the diffuser.  The camera WB was the same for all images. I was testing a new eBay 14"x56" strip softbox vs my OEM 40"x40" softbox.  The mannequin skin tone is Asian so the 7" and 40" softbox skin colors are close to reality.

The difference in the image colors is caused by the different diffuser fabric used in the two softboxes and goes away if I shoot with the diffusers removed from the strip softbox. I did more testing and with the 7" reflector the WB is about 5200 and with the diffused strip softbox it is about 6200.  I put the difference down to the eBay strip softbox fabric containing UV whiteness enhancers, which fluoresce blue when lit by the strobe.

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