What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

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Re: What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

I assume you mean your question to be: what prevents you from switching from your DSLR to mirrorless.

Many people own a mirrorless camera in addition to their DSLR.

I own two mirrorless cameras.  A Panasonic GX1 and a Sony NEX-6.

I actually prefer the GX1, but the lack of a builtin EVF is at times a liability.  And that is why I bought the NEX-6.  I still own and use my FF DSLRs, but I use them for a different purpose than my mirrorless.

The DSLRs I use in the studio, while the mirrorless I take on vacation or to parties.  If i were to head somewhere truely spectacular (ie: Angkor Wat) I would take a DSLR and lenses.

The upcoming GX7 is 'rumored' to have a builtin EVF, and if that is the case, I will buy it and  likely stop using the NEX.

The NEX is a fine piece of hardware that is, unfortunately, let down by poor firmware.  Sony has not yet grasped that NEX cameras have been embraced by advanced users.  Instead they are still aiming at the novice and have dumbed down the controls of the camera.

Panasonic, on the other hand, seem to be aiming at the more advanced users and have made the camera, not only very photographer friendly, but also much more configurable than NEX.

I just hope Panasonic add focus peaking to their camera SOON.  It is a very useful feature, and another reason for the NEX to stay in my stable.

As for abandoning my DSLRs... not anytime soon.

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