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Re: Time to take a break

DonA2 wrote:

Well John you have somewhat overstated your case and although it has some small merit, in a court of law a Judge would have you evicted. The mod's have proven to be beneficial to the decorum of these forums. There is little to no evidence of abuse. As with any volunteered position, such as we have here, it is very difficult to please everyone. I am sure most participants here are well satisfied with our moderators.

Quick search shows more than five hundred threads concerning Moderation in the past year. You don't think thats a lot?

The condescension aside there is more then enough evidence that there are problems. I am not on any side and I think the problems are systemic not personal. I think too many rules makes a difficult task for a moderator much harder. Making the reasons for decisions public will help everyone know what the moderators limits are and become much easier to keep within the toleration zone so to speak

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