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montygm wrote:

Hi Sarpblur,

I forgot to ask. I was curious if I could also use my Canon 430EX as well. Do you need to purchase any special trigger for this or is the slave on the actual Einstein capable of triggering the 430EX?

Many thanks,

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You would need a trigger if you want to use the 430EX off-camera as it lacks an optical slave. You can use Younguo RF603's if you want to trigger both an Einstein and a Canon Speedlite. They are widely available on Amazon and ebay for around $35 / pair.

YN 622C's are another option but are not necessary unless you want separate E-TTL control and HSS with your 430EX (Einstein's don't support either). The big disadvantage of a 430EX (as opposed to a 430EXII) is you can't control the power output via the camera flash menu in manual mode. This isn't a big deal if you're mixing Speedlite's with studio strobes, but I also do a lot of E-TTL/HSS shooting outdoors, so I use YN 622C's as triggers and two 430EX II's. The YN 622C's allow me to adjust power output on those Speedlites without leaving my camera.

BTW - I just sold my 430EX and picked up another 430EX II from Canon's refurb store for $205. I also have a YN 568EX Speedlite, but prefer my 430EX II's.

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