My God, its so hard to decide!

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Re: My God, its so hard to decide!

Aaron Sur wrote:

mate read your post from 6 days ago on this forum , hardly a ringing endorsement for the Nikon 1 series!You said it not me

A ringing endorsement??  How about a little context. Here's the full quote Aaron is referring to...

My XZ-1 gets far more use than my V1. The V1 has some quirks that are a real PITA. For example, every time you take a picture, the image you just captured appears in the VF and LCD for a full 2 seconds. There's no way to turn this off.

So the V1 has some quirks that IMO are a real PITA. However the V1 also has some serious strengths that are unequaled by any other mirrorless camera and including many DSLRs.

The OP (Ben) made an incorrect statement about mirrorless cameras; this statement also implied that he desired a mirrorless camera capable of shooting fast moving things--but he knew of no such camera. My initial response was designed to help him see that there is such a camera. It's not a perfect camera, however my first post in the context of this thread may as well be a ringing endorsement for the OP and anyone else looking for a CSC/MILC that can shoot fast moving things.

You see it's like this, Aaron. We're not all blind zealots of the cameras we choose. Some of us are too sage.  We are the proverbial fanboys enigma. We know there's no such thing as a perfect camera.  Every camera, including yours, has strengths and weaknesses.  That's why some of us have a number cameras to choose from, so depending on what what we plan on shooting, we can select the most appropriate camera for that task.

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