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Re: A.B. light durability

Lawrence Keeney wrote:

Nikonfan99 wrote:

I have two alien bee B1600's and they have a lot of juice and work great. Even had one take a bad drop. The flash-tube cracked (easily replaced) but everything worked fine. They are made out of a durable plastic. Customer service is great and they are compact. I also own two flashpoint (adorama house brand) units. They are not as well built as the alien bees. I Love them.

This reminds me of an accident I had with one of my lights on a model shoot out on a dry lake bed. I had my AB800 with the 22" beauty dish high on a light stand, and had been shooting for about an hour with no problems. All of a sudden we got a big gust of wind that blew the whole thing over backwards. The weight of the beauty dish pushed the AB800 into the dirt. The power cord socket was broken and pushed into the AB800. The metal beauty dish had big dents in it.

I sent the AB800 back for repair, and it cost me something like $30.

Same here except mine was an AB1600 and when the wind blew it over the wireless trigger (with a 3.5mm adapter) hit the concrete, broke through the back of the strobe and got lodged in the housing. Needless to say I was done shooting that day.

Sent it PCB repair with a note saying it was my fault and they still fixed it for free. Great customer service.

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