Ebay scammer selling Olympus lenses

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Re: There are plenty of good sellers

Well, there are some good sellers out there too. I've had very good experiences with Ebay. I have bought several items from cametaauctions, Henry's, and pvt4545.

In particular about pvt4545, who calls himself, "The Olympus Guy".  I have bought 4 refurbished HG and SHG lenses, an Olympus flash ring, and a twin flash set from this seller.  Always perfect condition, immediate shipping, no problems, and the best prices.  I have checked with Olympus America and he is legit.  Olympus America will sell and honor a four year extended warranty for the refurbished  lenses he sells.  I had a problem with one refurbished lens, the 35-100 f2, after two and a half years of use.  Olympus America honored the extended warranty and repaired it.

From cametaauctions, I have bought a few items also.  Here I bought a refurbished 40-150M.Zuiko and some other items over time.  As with The Olympus guy, I have never had a problem here.

Right now I am expecting another lens in the mail tomorrow.  Can you beat $229 for a refurbished 70-300?  When it's a really bright day, I will use this instead of the 90-250 or 300.  They're so tiringly heavy.

I also sell on Ebay occasionally.  I always photograph and point out any scratches or defects.  I always make sure I give a square deal.  If actual shipping costs less than I charged, I refund the difference.

So, don't hang up on Ebay, but be careful.

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