Reflections on first session with FZ200 and achromats, and comparison with G3

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Reflections on first session with FZ200 and achromats, and comparison with G3

This would be very long for a single post so I have split it up into several posts:

Introduction (this post)
Setup, ergonomics and capture performance
ISO, noise and post processing
Comparison with the G3 - Capturing images
Comparison with the G3 – Image quality


I borrowed an FZ200 for a couple of days and then decided to buy one. This thread gives some background and some images from when I was part way through selecting and post processing images from the 785 captures from my first, 3-ish hour session with my new FZ200. I have now finished the selection and processing and these posts reflect on progress so far.

The 65 images I decided to keep (along with two others, explained later) are in this flickr set. They vary in quality; I am keeping some of them not because I think they are particularly good or successful images, but on the contrary as a reminder of things that didn't work, or difficulties I had processing an image, or examples of where a particular technique (e.g. stacking) was used to produce a more or less tolerable result from otherwise unsatisfactory (to my eye) material. In some cases I just find a subject interesting for whatever reason and like to have some image of it, even a not very good one if I don't have anything better. There are also bunches of rather and in some cases very similar images; again these are included more for my own purposes. (I use the decision to post/not post to flickr to force a decision as to which photos to keep. I retain on my PC, and back up, processed and original versions of what goes up on flickr. The other 90-98% get deleted.)

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
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