So who is going to join Adobe Creative Cloud for access to latest Photoshop ?

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Re: So who is going to join Adobe Creative Cloud for access to latest Photoshop ?

locke_fc wrote:

mjack101 wrote:

Am using CC and very happy so far. £8 per month for me is a good deal. When the price goes up in 12 months time I will decide again if the cost is worthwhile. I really don't get the drama generated by this, either you think the price is fair and sign up or you don't and move on, simples.

Yes, some people, like you, don't get it.

CC is for médium to large companies, well-off pros and amateurs with deep pockets. Since I am neither, Adobe has made it clear they don't care about me, so I'll pass on their "generous" offer, thank you.

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If by "people like me" you mean someone who can take a rational and dispassionate decision about something and not get themselves quite so vexed then yes you have me. I suspect you meant something a little less complimentary though.

Look I totally understand those who have decided against CC and I respect their choice, I may well be joining them in 12 months time when the revised pricing is disclosed but until then I will carry on getting the most out of it. It's a piece of software and to slightly misquote from that excellent film In Bruges, ".... it's just an inanimate f@cking object ......".

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