The Hysteria over Edward Snowden

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The Hysteria over Edward Snowden

The Hysteria over Snowden is unprecedented. And I don't use that word lightly. I can't recall anything like the spectacle we see where not only members of the Executive branch are making threats, on the one hand begging, then demanding - They are being joined by Senators and Congressmen, uttering the weirdest gibberish.

In referring to Russia, Senator Schumer, tells us "That Russia is not behaving like an ally." And of course Russia is NOT an ally. This must come as a shock to the good Senator…

If Snowden had been a major spy, the State Department would have issued a a quiet statement, a warrant might have been issued for an arrest, and the story would have ended. There have been MANY such cases, and all were treated in that manner. The government would certainly have known better then to demand Russia hand over a spy. Instead, we are being treated to an ongoing circus, over information that was known to foreign governments and was only a secret to US citizens.

So why the hysteria? Seemingly pointless hysteria?

While the majority of Americans have no real idea of what out governing document is, a large minority, not only study the Constitution, but believe that is MUST be defended. This hysteria is aimed directly at these people. The government would call them, the "Traitors within," whereas anyone who knows the Constitution would call them the Hero's of America.

Even those amongst you who condemn Snowden MUST know that he revealed no secrets to other governments or terrorists.

And the government is full of such Patriots - This hysteria is AIMED at any and all who love the Constitution and are prepared to take risks to defend it.

Let me add something else to those who regard people such as Snowden as traitors. Despite all the inventions, it's quite clear that he had little or nothing to gain.

When in American history has the government been Terrified of what good loyal citizens would do? The answer is NEVER!

It's as simple as that. Our embryo Police State wants to crush the opposition in advance.

It wont work.


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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