Fujifilm X-E1 Firmware Version 1.06

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Re: Fujifilm X-E1 Firmware Version 1.06

vkphoto wrote:

e268 wrote:

I focus on the subject, press the AF/AE lock button, and reframe and shoot. It seems it achieves the same purpose of changing the focus point. Am I mistaken?

It works for casual shooting, but not always. Not with shallow DOF (f/1.2-1.4) lenses.

Also, I am using tripod a lot. Imaging, perfectly frame your picture, then move camera to focus somewhere else other than center, then move the camera back to your original frame (?) while keeping your finger on the shutter button half-pressed... Just doesn't work for me

I appreciate the fact that AE/Af lock may not work for shallow dof, and I have not tried since I do not own such a lens..  In the case of using a tripod, one can set the AE/AF lock to the push-on and push- off mode.  In situations where one needs to focus on the eyes of the subject,  I find it difficult  to set the AF point to where the subjects eyes are in relation to the entire frame. I find it much easier using the AF/AE lock.

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