Aperture with PT Lens (or alternative) work flow

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Re: Aperture with PT Lens (or alternative) work flow

trax87 wrote:

dpscoot wrote:

Assuming you're shooting RAW.........

A plugin like that, opens and works on a TIFF image of the RAW file.
(I'm sure the experts will correct me if I'm wrong)

Do all your 'RAW' tweaking before using the plugin, and do your straightening last.

ie. adjust your white balance, brightness, contrast, vibrance, bring up the highlights......

then lens correct.

Thanks for the response. After the lens correction is done, would you normally convert the TIFF into a different file format? My question may not make sense, but I guess what I am getting at is that I have seen many posts suggesting that an issue with using Aperture and a plugin for lens correction (as opposed to doing it within Lightroom) is that you then wind up with a large TIFF file and I am trying to figure out how much of a real world issue this would be (for me).

OK.....I don't lens correct, but I have NIK Software and it too creates the large TIFF files you mention.

My workflow -  I create new versions of the RAW files and some of these could be just 'adjusted' RAW files and some needing NIK become the large TIFFs. (some people don't create new versions, may use smart folders, store, fault whatever......I'm just saying what I do)

I rate all the final tweaked images hitting 5 on the keypad giving them 5 star rating, as I am creating them. I can then display all my 5 star images and right click one of them and export them all out as jpgs all at the end.

I then export all the Masters to a folder, delete any TiFFs added and then transfer the original RAW files onto a backup drive.

I keep the original RAW. I keep the exported finished jpgs to give to a client.
I then delete that work out of aperture, and move onto the next job.

I used to keep everything in the past but found after a year or two, your style changes and when you look back, even if you have the same tools you would create it differently, so there is no reason to keep anything but the original RAW files and the final jpgs.

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