Which one of this is a best one?

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Re: Which one of this is a best one?

artlmntl wrote:

123Mike wrote:

As for the wife thing - that's the only thing keeping me from buying a second body, the A77 at this point... $900. $750 used. It needs to sink much lower to pass the wife...

I've been meaning to ask you, why the 77 and not the 65? I mean, 77 obviously wins for features, but the 65 still seems respectable with the same sensor and more affordable. Just curious. Thanks

The AF micro adjust is very tempting of the A77. Plus the LCD screen on the top. ISO limiting, and profiles. It all adds up.

But you're right. The sensor is the same. The results ought to be pretty much on par. Also, the A77 costs 50% more than an A65 where I am (Canada, $900 vs $600).

I can't justify the expense though. I have to come to terms with it. I have the A57 and that's just fine. I think I'll get a used older Alpha for the wife I think. For video she can use an HD camcorder we still have kicking around.

I'm seeing used deals for $150 for an A330. It'll do for casual snapshots. Still a helluvalot better than any P&S.

So, no A65/77 for me for now... What about you, are you looking to upgrade, or getting a second body? The whole second body thing is like cars. Why have so many cars in the driveway? It makes sense to have one good family car, and an old beater to get around.

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