Just replaced 18-70mm with 16-85mm did I make the right decision?

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Re: Just replaced 18-70mm with 16-85mm did I make the right decision?

macwrite wrote:

First Background info:

18-70mm won't focus. What is the likely repair cost? (Nikon Canada)

Which lens to replace my broken 18-70mm?

The story

Today I went to Lens and Shutter with my mom knowing they didn't have the 16-85mm in stock, but was hoping they would have a display unit as well as the 18-55VR and 18-105VR. Sold out of everything and I mean everything except a few $$$ lenses and hadn't had stock in a long while (months)? We talked and Victoria (I am in Vancovuer) had one in stock, but I woldn't be able to get it below $699 since it would cost there store $40 to ship it in from the Island.

The non commissioned sales person (which are the best sales people) said that for my situation I really should get the metal mount, and as a replacement for my 18-70mm the 18-55 isn't good (don't remember exact words). I said I wanted to buy from them as I've gotten all my gear except my D7000 replacement of my dead D70 via Nikon.

So we left and I took the bus downtown to go home. The bus stops at the London Drugs at George and Granville and I think about getting off but don't. The bus loads and then the driver said to the person in the wheel chair "Do you want on" and he did. Since we already had a wheelchair on the bus, I had to give up my seat, so I got off (hmm fate?)

I go into London Drugs go to cameras to look at the lens and just blurted out "Can I see the 16-85mm" and he said yes! WOW I was very surprised. As he was opening the box (only one) I asked how much and he said "$749" I said forget it I can't afford that! I said I could get it at Lens and Shutter for $699.

He said they priced match them. I then said "I would get it for $629 in the US, but wouldn't of course" Then I pull the iPad out to look at www.photoprice.ca and he said they won't price match with places back east (reasonable) I looked at the list since I remembered one place had places in BC AB ON and low and behold they had it for $649 and he agreed to price match them as they have done it before!

Facetime my mom and watches me buy it for $729 with tax.

Now the dilemma

Did I make the right deceission? Things in the past couple weeks have been pushing me back to photography and I felt the urge again to replace my broken lens after 4 months and taking many photos for work for our DRG deliveries with 95% being out of focus!

Did I make the right decision? I am now feeling the guilt.

I got the $500 for my birthday (expecting that) and then the $100 from my moms new cousin was completely un-expected. $129 out of my $700 life savings (unless I can get enough work from now until July 31).

The guilt is getting to me, but I also didn't have that $600 5 weeks ago also.

Also that 18-55VR I was going to buy from someone on Craigslist fail through a couple months ago $80 as his wife changed her mind and wanted to keep it (they got the 18-200mm).

Thanks for letting me rant.

Just one more thing

Taking a nice wide shot of my office with light on VR on ISO 800 the photo was still blurring!!! So maybe VR can't help me with my sudtle shaky hands (CP) D70 used to have sharp photos but now even with 50 wide open unless I use a flash I get allot of blurr these days

First i like to congratulate you with buying a nice lens. But keep in mind that a D7100's pixeldensity is a lot higher than the D70.

This means that your shuttertimes have to be shorter compared to the D70 to prevent visible camerashake, same sort of 'problem' as with the D800.

Possibly the Quit mode will provide better results, or if you take multiple shots on continuous high the 2nd or 3rd shot might be more stable if CP is the origin of the blur.

If you use the autoiso on auto, you will reduce camerashake significantly as the camera compares the shuttertime with the zoom setting to increase iso to reduce shuttertimes, although higher iso can mean more noise.

The burden of high pixelcount

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