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MKII is not replacing the original

Susan Taylor wrote:

Wow! This puts the new model up there with the price I paid on my Sony DSLR plus two lens just about two years ago.

However, I will admit that after trying out the HX200V (which I liked for the zoom but disliked in lag time between shots as it was processing), I have a RX100 coming. Yes, I know that it costs a lot of money but I still want a really good (i.e., great) small camera to take those times I don't want to carry the big guy with the extra lens. Looking at this new RX doesn't really make me want to cancel my order either. Perhaps it's just me and want I want or need. None of this description wows me enough to change my mind on getting the old camera. Am I just not reading the information right? Or am I right in thinking it's debatable if one has to get this latest and greatest?

Some people are not quite understanding what the MKII is. It is not a replacement for the original model. It's a variation of the original with features that some have been requesting. That's why it's called RX100 MKII and not RX200, or even RX110 etc.

If you don't want the tilt screen, hotshoe etc., then your choice is simple - get the RX100. There are good sales on it and probably more to come, new and used.

For people who shoot waist level, ground level, overhead a lot the tilt screen is fantastic. If you're an ordinary shooter who mostly shoots people right in front of you, you may not get the point of the tilt screen. That's fine, but for other people it's highly desirable.

The hotshoe is another fantastic addition for those who want it. Not only does it allow use of larger flash units, it also allows use of an EVF and external MIC. Once again, for some people those accessories greatly expand the camera's usefulness. And once again ordinary shooter may not care, but that's why the original RX100 is not being replaced.

The RX100 MKII also has some really nice extras that may not be obvious unless you read the leaked manual. The WiFi, for example, is NOT simply about uploading photos to your phone like an EyeFi card. It also let's the camera be remotely controlled complete with onscreen camera display from any mobile device. That is a potentially hugely useful application. Other tweaks include the ability to have clicks on the lens ring control, something many have wanted, and slightly better battery life.

LASTLY, the elephant in the room is the new sensor, which may (or may not, we'll see soon enough) offer better low light performance and IQ. Personally I doubt it will be significant enough to fully overshadow the original RX100, but it may be slightly better.

Point is, if you don't need the extra features of the MKII, then it's not meant for your style of shooting and you should get the original model. Win win, since you also save money. But for people who want those features, at least they can get them, albeit for a premium.

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