Traveling with 2 bodies and 2.8 zoom lenses

Started Jun 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
Weegee Senior Member • Posts: 1,797 are a glutton for punishment!

Olympus OM-DE5, 7-14mm,17mm and 40-150mm. That's it! Those focal lengths give me equivalents of 14mm to 300mm. That whole outfit weighs about the same as your D4 with 14-24. Even National Geographic photographers don't carry the gear you have unless they have and assistant or donkey.

Do yourself a favor by listening to the great proverb..."Less is more."

Take a look at what the great photographer Ming Thein carries with him on photo trips.

Yes, I'm a Nikon D800 person. Now used only for studio ( tethered to a Macbook ) and some commercial location shoots. But I'm seriously thinking of mothballing the Nikon.

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