Samsung King of Electronic. but Not Camera

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Re: Samsung King of Electronic. but Not Camera

viking79 wrote:

utomo99 wrote:

we can see that Samsung is very active on the electronic industry and they become king on some electronic market.

But on Camera business Samsung still nobody.

Maybe according to pros rooted into Nikon and Canon, but again, how many of the people taking pictures shoot pro? A small percentage. I think Samsung can make big inroads with smart phone users and entry level models.

One thing Samsung needs to do is get more retail support (US), and maybe they can do that if they get cameras into phone stores (phone stores are everywhere, camera stores are few and far between). Different market, different way to get name recognition, not necessarily good or bad.


Photography is an entrenched marketplace. While the moniker "Canikon" got a laugh out of me, "Sonikon" might more accurate, as Sony makes Nikon's sensors. Thus, in a sense my argument is more with Sony than Samsung.

I live my RX100 and totally disagree that is not ground breaking -- perhaps the OP is trolling. IMHO, so is the RX1. My budget later in the year includes money for a full-frame camera and I would jump at the RX1 if it used the sensor in the D800. A few other issues also lead me to the D800. I eagerly awaited the Sony Alpha a99 but was disappointed with its high-ISO performance. When I was looking for a mirrorless system camera, I liked the Sony NEX-7 but price and lens issues led me to the NX20.  In essence, Sony has all the pieces, in-house, yet fails to produce one home run other than the RX100.

Yes, the NX20 was a compromise for me, but only in high-ISO noise, much of which is really a non-issue.  In every other situation, it takes photos as well as the NEX-7 and with various sales, my NX20 with an 18-55 zoom only cost $650 total -- nothing in the market beats that price performance combination.

By fixing the high-ISO noise issue and some other changes, Samsung could have a market leader with the NX30, should it ever arrive.  IMHO, the only way to change perception issues that hinder them in the market is to do so.

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