Ebay scammer selling Olympus lenses

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Re: Ebay scammer selling Olympus lenses

Aside from the fact that the seller really doesn't seem to be the smartest of them all (reserve prices do exist for a reason, to name it - cases like this), I don't see what all the fuss is about and where the scam is.

Other than lost time and nerves, buyer loses nothing else - his money is automatically refunded when the transaction is cancelled.

One can obviously speculate that the guy might be trying to rake some fast cash with a credit card which will bounce when Paypal tries to reimburse the seller, but that again is Paypal's problem - part of the 11% off the final price which they shave from honest sellers have to go somewhere. But given the proportions of the "scam" - highly unlikely.

This seller is just dislikable, a liar, and not too smart. That's all. Real scams go way beyond that.

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