Setting up external flash w/ D5100

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Re: Hot shoe is your only sync connection

fotowbert wrote:

The hot shoe is the only flash sync connector on your D5100.

A TTL off camera cord picks up all the shoe connections or a PC to hot shoe adapter will pick up only the center (fire) connection and ground. In either case you can't use the pop up flash.

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Lena Hale wrote:

A sync cord came with my purchase and I plugged one end into the mic jack of the D5100 and the other into the extra hot shoe piece that came with the flash, which I've attached to it. But that isn't automatically syncing them. The manual and Lighting 101 both don't explain how to actually sync them once the cord has physically connected the two.
I thought maybe the mic jack in the D5100 wasn't the right one, but there isn't any other place in which to plug it. I tried to attach another extra hot shoe piece to the flash mount, but obviously that gets in the way and prevents the built-in flash from popping up and since I can't find any clear instructions for this process, I don't know if it's even safe to put the hot shoe there. Full instructions for how to do this set up, including the sync after the physical connection has been made? Please?

Ok. So I'm not damaging the camera or anything by putting the hot shoe there? Since the built-in flash needs to be up in order to trigger (right?), but can't open up all the way with the hot shoe in the way?

Also, the hot shoe attached tot he SB700 is... really loose. It's connected to the light stand just fine but I really don't think it's holding the flash securely- it wobbles and moves when I touch it, but pushing it further in doesn't do anything- it just slides right back to its original seemingly-unstable spot. Is that normal? I don't want this thing to drop, or for the electrical connection to not actually be set because it's not attached properly..

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