Which one of this is a best one?

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Re: Which one of this is a best one?

123Mike wrote:

villebon wrote:

ak1981 wrote:

I love DSLT cameras. I know loads of forum friends have it. Just want to know in your view which one is the best in terms of Function, Quality, Body (size & Shape) and Budget?

For videos, the A57 and for still images, the A58. the rest is very subjective.

The A57 is proven to have a higher dynamic range and better low light performance than the A58.

Proven by whom? Real world, it won't make any difference. Dynamic range is only .5 EVS in favor of A57 and as for low light, DXOMark test shows that they're about the same.

I've printed RAW images from the A58 to 30"x45" and there's no way that the A57 can match the rez.

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