Best way to run Quicken?

Started Jun 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
InspectorHud Regular Member • Posts: 209
Re: Best way to run Quicken?

When I switched to Mac about 7 years ago, I ran Quicken via Parallels. After a year or two is was the only thing I ran on Windows and wanted to simplify so I got rid of Windows and got Quicken for Mac.  It was a disaster so I tried a few Mac alternatives and I'm now using iBank.  It may not be up to the feature set in Quicken right now, but it is coming along and it is all I need to track expenses and make tax day easier. It imports Quicken data files so it was a breeze to transition.  My online bank account seems to be able to do so much now that I don't think I need or want a bloated financial app.

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