Which one of this is a best one?

Started Jun 26, 2013 | Polls thread
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Re: Which one of this is a best one?

While comparing cameras before you buy is always a good thing, here is what I ask myself: What is better at taking photos, me or the camera? Also included is, will I survive the after the better-half find out I bought another "electronic device"?

I agree that it's silly to bicker over minor differences, or compromises that are not at all unreasonable to live with. It's just that in my case, what irks me, is when people make false claims. Like the repeated "A58 has better eye-queue" thing, which is false, because the measured dynamic range and low light performance was found to be better on the A57 for instance.

As for the wife thing - that's the only thing keeping me from buying a second body, the A77 at this point... $900. $750 used. It needs to sink much lower to pass the wife...

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