Warning! Possible bug in newest Metz 58-AF1 and Metz 58-AF2 firmware

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dick eduard
dick eduard Senior Member • Posts: 1,487
Thanks awaldram, much help and..

I will update my flash



awaldram wrote:

dick eduard wrote:

I checked the firmware and... 1.0 the first and i never updated. Should I do it now ? The flash works fine withe my K20d and K5.

Every manufacturers releases firmware updates to

1 fix reported issues with compatibility

2 fix bugs

3 add functionality

4 correct major failings

of the above they will generally only mentions 3 and 4 as features of new releases.

So look at the list and decide if you want any of them if the answer is yes then update.

working in the IT industry I update everything as soon as FW is released and sometimes before (from discussion with manufacturer I sometime get updates prior to release (not Metz)).

as a user your safest bet is wait 1-2 weeks from update posted then update anything else is building up risk of disappointment

What's you'r advice



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