D200 -> MFT? Should I do it?!

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Re: I also own a D200... and an E-M5

jermdawg wrote:

Thanks! I do like the D200 but really wish I found this GX1 deal (and a lens) a few months ago when we traveled to Europe. It was painful lugging around the D200 + three heavy lenses. But you definitely feel like a man's man when you walk around shooting that dinosaur [more so in size rather than age haha] of a camera!

In 2006 I took the D70 and a number of lenses (12-24, 10.5mm fisheye, 35mm f/2, 18-200mm VR) to Greece and got pretty tired of lugging a huge camera bag under the hot sun, up and down hills, for hours on end. I was young enough and fit enough to handle it, but that doesn't mean it was comfortable or fun. I would definitely take a m4/3 kit if I were to go on a trip like that again.

On Santorini I did see a guy lugging two large Canon professional cameras and large lenses up the super long and steep climb from the boat landing to Oia. They have donkeys you can ride to the top, but like many of us this guy was hoofing it. He was dripping in sweat and looked way more tired than I was

I certainly get wanting to take your best equipment on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and in 2006 you sacrificed a lot of image quality and responsiveness using a smaller sensor compact compared to today. Fortunately the gap has narrowed quite a bit, and I think m4/3 strikes a nice balance between image quality and portability.


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