Bad Job Interview:

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Bad Job Interview:

Beware of phony job interviews:

Craigs List Listing as follows "We need Audio & Video Freelancers Technicians,

(Long Island City, NY )...

They ask you to come to the interview dressed in a suit and tie.

( so you look like a paying customer to their neighbors )

You go, big smile, impressed, and wait, and wait, and fill out test questions.

Thats how the pretty secretary puts in her 40 hour work week.

Here is my reply:

If you are at the SilverCup warehouse, I was there.
About 2 years ago.
Some one else came for an interview.
We both filled out questionaires, and 2 employees were arguing.
The 2 employees almost had a fist fight.
I have been on too many interviews where the office personel get paid to
interview potential employees.
The job was 'freelance' maybe.
I dont want to sit around spending time and money of my own,
so you can make money interviewing me.
I am very realistic.
So no thanks.
I have more important things to do.

Here is the contact Info of theirs:

Thank You,

Sabeena Khan

Corporate Headquarters

Concept X Group Inc.

Account Rep/ Client Relations

43-50 11th Street Suite 100

Long Island City, New York 11101

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