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run the driver install program from the CD that shipped with it

WatsonPhoto wrote:

Encountered an issue with the new build. Went to upload some new pictures to Lightroom. It does not recognize the USB3 card reader or the Nikon D800. It is not a cable or port issue as everything works fine when connected to a USB2 port. Looks like a driver issue for USB3.

Any hints or direction on how to resolve? This is a little bit beyond my depth!

Asrock motherboard Z87E-ITX

Your motherboard should have included a support CD with all needed drivers on it, and has a program (asrsetup. exe) located on it that will allow you to install all of them.

See Chapter 3 of the user guide (page 30) for your motherboard where it explains that process:

That way, you get drivers installed for ethernet, usb ports, audio, video, sata ports, bluetooth, etc. etc. etc.

You can also download drivers separately (although just using the asrsetup. exe program from the support CD that shipped with your motherboard would probably be easier to make sure you've got drivers (as well as utilities) installed for all of the chipsets your board has on it. Then, see if newer versions for any of them exist and update them after the initial driver installation from the support CD.

Driver downloads for your motherboard model are here (and you'll find the USB 3.0 drivers in the list, too). Just select your Operating System (for example, 64 bit Windows 7 if that's what you installed) to see the available utilities and drivers.

But, it would probably be a lot easier just to run the driver installation program from the CD so you get drivers for all  chipsets on it.   Then, run Windows Update to see if Microsoft has any newer drivers (and they may not have drivers for all chipsets) and also see if you have newer drivers available from Asrock than are on the CD that shipped with it (and they probably have newer BIOS Firmware you may want to upgrade to also).   For Intel specific chipsets, you can also let Intel scan your system to check for newer drivers.

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