Time to buy a new machine for editing. Needing advice please.

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Re: Time to buy a new machine for editing. Needing advice please.

The question was: if I install OSX on a non-Apple system, what is the loss to Apple caused by this. Your response: lost Mac computer sales.

Either you didn't read carefully before answering or you do not understand the implications of your answer.

Going by your screen name I am suspecting that English is not your first language. In any case, "lost computer sales" does not equal "*every* OS X install would have have been a Mac sale."

Going by your ability to comprehend the context I suspect you haven't gone to a very good school. Or perhaps you didn't pay attention to your teacher. Or maybe you just aren't very bright. The context, as unambiguously expressed, was what the loss to Apple is when I install OSX on non-Apple hardware.

One specific action. And the specific loss cited was that Apple loses Mac sales.

Maybe you can read up on how context works and then come back. I won't hold my breath.

No arguments, only feelings. OK.

OK, now I'm pretty sure you don't understand the English language very well. If I were you I would bow out at this point.

Petty insults really show you have a good grasp on the subject and are not reduced to emotional arguments.

You really should be ashamed of resorting to this level of arguing. You're acting like an eight year old who's out of his depth. Granted, you are out of your depth, but you should be able to handle it better. Given your level of comprehension here you must have this happen a lot.


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