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Olga Johnson wrote:

v steffel wrote:

I will say that what I disliked is deleting threads or segments of thread because we now lack the evidence to prove our points of such action. Websites, in one sense, are modern archives.

A deleted post or thread is still visible to moderators and admins. So don't think that your evidence is gone. It is still there for Admins to review.

However, the information of interest is removed from the "public domain" for all to see and to refer to. It seems to me that if members are to be convinced that "secret courts" (so to speak) will in actual fact convene and consider their grievances and concerns, they would need a bona fide and verifiable process that goes beyond merely submitting a message to a web-link receiving thousands of all manner of inquiries all the time (where it is not known if the message will be read and considered).

They would need an assurance that their issue raised will indeed be read, considered, and subsequently answered by a member of the DPR staff (not unpaid volunteers). This could easily be accomplished by providing a separate "feedback-moderation" destination that would be assured to result in a written response of some sort from an identifiable person - providing true accountability.

Even if such a response was an automated message addressing their stated grievance or concern, people would at least know that the issue raised had actually been in some manner considered.

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