Recent papers and talks on Quanta Image Sensor (QIS)

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Re: Recent papers and talks on Quanta Image Sensor (QIS)

Jack Hogan wrote:

Fascinating, clearly written papers. May I ask why limit jots to a FWC of 1 (1 bit) instead of hybridizing the concept to a FWC of 3 e- and 2 bits? The MonteCarlo simulation seems to indicate that a 1 bit jot would clip (err) often in the useful exposure range - while very few would err with a FWC of 3 e-/2 bits?


thanks Jack.  The QIS concept was originally for single bit pixels (jots) sensitive to a single photoelectron.  But (and I know this get confusing fast) the qDIS as discussed in the DIS paper is a multi-bit jot, just as you asked.

A single bit pixel system needs the simplest A/D converter.  With a 2 bit system the ADC gets more complicated,m larger in area (esp. important for column-parallel ADC architectures) and uses more power.

We are still exploring that trade space but at the moment the single bit system is favored from a power point of view, and the multi-bit from a storage density point of view.

As discussed in the DIS paper, I see a sort of continuum from current CMOS APS, to DIS, to qDIS to QIS.

BTW, the DIS paper won the 2013 IISW Best Poster Award at the recent 2013 International Image Sensor Workshop in Utah 2 weeks ago, out of 46 posters.  (congrats to my student Song Chen).  All of the 108 image sensor papers from that meeting will be available on-line in mid September.


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