Why is my NEX not as good as RX100 or even LX5?

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Re: Why is my NEX not as good as RX100 or even LX5?

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Can anyone please explain? I have had many Nex's. The C3 with pancake 16mm, the Nex 7 with 16-50 compact zoom and the Nex 3N with yet another Sony 16-50 kit zoom.

None could produce much sharper images or significantly less noise than my old LX5! And this from tenfold bigger sensors and much bigger pixel count. And my wife's Sony RX100 blows them all completely out of the water! How can that be? I can't have had only duds?

As someone posted a couple  (few?) weeks ago, in lower light, the RX100 can  use lower ISO at the wider focal lengths, making it actually slightly better than using the Nex with either kit lens.  However, as you zoom through the range, the RX100 loses its advantage and switches to being slightly worse at the long end.  Although, this is mostly due to noise and noise reduction.  In bright light, I'm not sure why there'd be any advantage in quality for the RX100?

I guess I'm not seeing it. How does the LX5 look better than the NEX? The LX5 image looks blocky compared to the NEX.

I agree with you guys. Actually, for both examples, the photo on the right looks really pixellated, so maybe something went wrong somewhere in preparing the photos.  But based on the posted examples, I'd say that the Nex has far more detail and looks better overall, except that the color isn't as punchy.  Some of us set the Nex to "Vivid" mode with Saturation dialed-down to -1 to tame it a bit.  This adds a little punch to match that in other cameras.

Also, I'd be curious to know the settings used.  Sometimes high ISO on the Nex will result in NR kicking in and really  messing with the detail (such as the grass).  I am currently using Low NR (or I just use RAW).

The LX5 resolves less. Also, bright daylight is not the best condition in which to differentiate cameras. Pretty much all cameras these days look just great outdoor in the sunshine. It's lowlight that separates the wheat from chaff. Most cell phones even look great in the sun.

Yeah, it's amazing how decent the cell phone cameras are getting these days.  Better than nothing to be sure!

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