The best lens for largest purpose with D7110 if you can only one?

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Re: The best lens for largest purpose with D7110 if you can only one?

philippe trougouboff wrote:

Again a question that could have been answered but I didn't find it Planning to go for the D7100 (a lot because DPR and the forum), but the camera is not so cheap, so if I want to buy (for now)only one but goodlens, allowing to express all the possibilities of the D7100 body, for general use at first, including a trip (Portugal), familly pictures of children, portraits, what is the best choice? And I'm not a $ millionaire, I'm not broken too... , but I also need to buy some basic stuff like reserve battery, filters (I'm a fan of the polarizer in landscapes), good bag for my painful back, probably a tripod, etc, all that because all my stuff was lately stolen (good oportunity to upgrade).

Thanks a lot in advance,


Get the 35mm nikkor 1.8G  in order to get the most of your camera and will keep you happy most of the time and save you a lot of $$$$$$ or you may try the 18-55mm nikkor G it is nice option , you will miss the zoom ability but you have got legs to move forward and backward.

good luck with what you buy.

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