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Windows/OS Search + Up to Date Camera Codec Pack

fotoRich wrote:

Jack - I can't find a Mac equivalent the Nikon Raw codec. Do you know if there is such a thing / are its EXIF search functions matched by something else?

Hi Richard,

Many file formats (especially Raw ones like NEFs, CR2's etc.) are proprietary. The Camera Codec Packs tell the operating system where to find thumbnails and standard information like that contained in the EXIF/IPTC metadata within them - so that that it can be used and displayed by any program that asks the operating system for it.

Now that operating systems like Win7+ (and I assume OSx) have easy advanced search and background indexing functions, that's the only image 'database' I need - as long as the file format/version used by my cameras is supported by the codec pack. Here are links to the latest Codec Packs for Windows (only one of them is needed):


I have never owned a Mac so I am not the right person to ask for that platform - perhaps someone else could help?


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