Sigma 30mm f/1.4 on Canon Rebel T4i - focusing issue even at f/5.6?

Started Mar 10, 2013 | Questions thread
mbadt New Member • Posts: 2
Sigma Strategies

I have been engaged in a struggle to get a sharp focus with a 30mm Sigma prime for many months and I am relieved to find that I am not alone. May I submit a couple of questions?

1. As I work to determine whether I'm front- or back-focusing, should I expect the result to be consistent either way?

2. CD versus PD autofocus: is this something I select on my camera body? I use a Canon 50D and I'm picking up a used 7D next week.

3. I'm told that I can make tweaks on the 7D body that will correct for a given lens. Doing so would suggest to me that the answer to No. 1 above should be "yes."

4. Can I find a workable solution to the Sigma focusing issue, or should I buy a different lens?

Thank you!

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