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Detail Man wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Simon Joinson wrote:

Discussion of Moderation policies, rules and interpretation is perfectly acceptable, and is one of the ways we refine and if necessary change our rules and policies.


This is a very significant and foreseeing statement. Please, don't give any hints that you are dissatisfied with particular moderator. The trap is waiting for you (see forum rule #3).

I have for some time taken an interest in matters surrounding moderation on DPReview forums (before and after the utilization of DPReview members acting as unpaid volunteers). While you can find me offering my personal opinions to the Editor in Chief regarding such issues, you will also find that my postings are not personalized towards, or prejudicial to, any individual unpaid volunteers who have themselves chosen to act on behalf of DPR management without monetary compensation. The nature of my interest relates specifically to how DPReview members/readers are affected.

I'm sure that your intentions as described are genuine. At the same time I appreciate your wits to find important bits leading to better understanding how "the things works". Sometimes this could be inspirational. There is no need for explanations past your first paragraph. We all have different views and understandings, hopefully respected by everyone.

If discussing the moderation and especially, interpretation of policies are in fact allowed and acceptable, I would like to ask if establishing the particular brand's zealot as a moderator would bring more authenticity to the discussion or hamper it. That's all.

My own personal opinion is that "zealotry" in all manner and forms would be prudent to avoid.

It is DPReview management's choice to utilize unpaid volunteers as opposed to utilizing paid staff members for the purposes of forum "moderation". It seems that everything carries something of a "price". Volunteer labor lacks true accountability. What members/readers need is accountability

Below are my remarks despite misleading red color:

Your last two sentences says it all. The rest is immaterial, no matter how you drape it.



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